Acting and Filmmaking Courses at Lahore Film School

Lahore Film School is a film school located in Lahore. Courses in film making, acting, modeling, post production, script writing are conducted here. Lahore Film School is an academy and production house. It is an open source film institute located in Lahore.

There is an urgent need to bring in and train new people in the Pakistan film industry.
Abdul Majid is the founder and director of Lahore Film School. Our mission is to train new people.
Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan and it is full of young talent.

The mission of Lahore Film School is to train these youngsters in film production, drama production, so that new people can come in the film industry.

Acting and Film Courses at Lahore Film School. 

Every young person in Pakistan wants to be a TV drama and film actor. The first step is training. We have an acting course. Contact young people who want to learn acting.
The four-month acting course teaches body language, expression, emotion, and characterization.

List Courses at Lahore Film

The story of the film starts with a good script and ends with a good visual message. In between are countless stages of production.

Script Writing Course

4 Month Practical Acting Course

Filmmaking Direction Course.

Cinematography Course

Graphics Designing

Story boarding Course

Video / Film Editing Course (Adobe Premier CC)

Music Production

Art Direction

Dance Choreography

VFX (Visual Effects) Adobe After Effects

3D Animation – Cinema 4D for Films.

Film Producing.

Casting / Coordination Talent Hunting.

Fashion Designing / Costume for Film.

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