All About Pakistani Director “Abu Aleeha”

Abu Aleeha is a senior journalist, a popular social media blogger and satirist, script-writer, scenarist, film-maker and director. Born on July 31st, 1979, Abu Aleeha began his career in crime/investigative reporting with prominent English and Urdu daily newspapers of Pakistan. However, he is famously known in the country due to his critic and political satire on popular social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Remaining virtually incognito, he has earned a followership of over 150,000 on his Facebook page Abu Aleeha and Twitter Abu Aleeha in a short time span of two years. He offers his satire take on everything from political to social, economic, cultural, and religious issues. He charts the social evils, societal hypocrisy, political development, terrorism, corruption and popular current affairs in Pakistan.

AbuAleeha has gained acclaim for his crude needling political satire. Fans of his satire on social media tend to think him the one in very few journalists in Pakistan dares to speak out on sensitive issues in Pakistani society. He remains withdrawn from all public events taking place in the country and known to be somewhat abyssal. However, he has successfully created a niche among other social media bloggers due to his eccentric beliefs and distinctive style of writing.

Web Television:-

Abu Aleeha launched a Web Television Haq News TV an online platform to broadcast local, national and international news. Spot On was a unique current affairs programme on Haq News TV in which Abu Aleeha presented analysis on different socio-political issues in Pakistan. However, after 8 episodes went on air, the show was stopped after continues life and serious threats for Abu Aleeha. In 8 episodes of Spot On, he dared to discuss some sensitive issues related to human rights in Pakistan.

Abu Aleehas Movie:-

Tevar (2019 film):-

Tevar is a 2019 Pakistani action revenge-thriller film. It is written and directed by Abu Aleeha and produced by Ali Sajjad Shah. The film features Sukaina Khan, Taqi Ahmed, Mathira, Shariq Mehmood and Akbar Subhani in pivotal roles


  • Akbar Subhani
  • Sukaina Khan as Arifa
  • Mathira
  • Taqi Ahmed
  • Sharique Mehmood


Production of this film started with the name “Arifa”. However, director of the film has changed the name to Tevar before its release.


The film features the song “Mohay Rung De” written by Amir Khusrow and Sajid Abbas and performed by Abbas.


The film was released on July 26, 2019.


Kataksha is 2019 Pakistani psychological horror film. This is Pakistan’s first psychological horror film. The film features Saleem Meraj, Kiran Tabeir, Nimra Shahid, Kasim Khan and Mubeen Gabool. Kataksha is written and directed by Abu Aleeha.


  • Saleem Meraj
  • Kiran Tabeir
  • Nimra Shahid
  • Kasim Khan
  • Mubeen Gabool


This film has been directed by Abu Aleeha.

Production team:-

  • Director & Producer: Abu Aleeha
  • Editor: Muhammad Muneeb
  • Color Grading: Sheikh Moin Ud Din
  • Cinematographer: Junaid Mehmood
  • Background Music: Bilal Allah Ditta / Ali Allah Ditta.


The film was released on 21 June 2019.

Box office:-

The film recorded the good opening in Pakistan despite limited shows. This film collected Rs.10.7 million in the first weekend. In first 10 days film earned 19.3 million rupees.


  • Kataksha will be shown at the London FrightFest Film Festival in August 2019.

Once Upon A Time In Karachi:-

Abu Aleeha’s “Once Upon a Time In Karachi” got wrapped up yesterday. The film was shot in an expeditious timeframe of one month. The film marks the comeback of Mohsin Abbas Haider to silver screens opposite Nousheen Shah who will be making her silver screen debut.

Talking about the shooting of the film to Pakistani Cinema Aleeha revealed that  “Everyone including the supporting cast has worked hard on the film. Nousheen Shah will come off as a surprise package in the film and Mohsin Abbas Haider will make a strong comeback with the project”

“We have tried to keep the project realistic to the roots of Karachi and the storyline of the film will keep the audience engaged throughout”

Talking about the music of the film the “Tevar” director said that there will be three songs in the film one composed by  “Azal” band (Jon Alia Kalaam), one song is sung by Mohsin Abbas Haider and one gangster song is composed by Ali Allah Ditta and Bilal Allah Ditta (brothers) which is to be picturized on the lead actors.

The teaser of the film will be dropped on 21st March. While the film is yet to find a release date both on and after release Eid dates are possible for the film as per Aleeha.

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