Mehar Posh Drama GEO TV by 7th Sky Production

Mehar Posh StoryLine :-

Drama serial Mehar Posh Plot is an absolutely love story, one of the best couples Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are pair up for the drama serial.  In the teaser, we clearly understand that danish love Ayesza he saw her on the roof while flying kites and try to catch her intension towards her But Ayeza (Mehro) she already engaged and Married with Ali Abbas. after all on her marriage night, he tries to share some bad remarks about mehro , but his husband listen to those words and on be the basis of those statements by Danish, Ali Abbas fell embarrassed and divorce to Ayeza Khan (mehro) in wedding night. 

But the main start from this where mehro wants to know who was that person who blamed over her character, so she can punish him, but Danish went silent but we know after all she will get to know all, but let’s see how this drama ending will go at end!

Mehar Posh Cast:-

  • Danish Tamoor
  • Ayeza Khan
  • Ali Abbas
  • Arez Khan
  • Many Other


Misbah Nosheen

Producer :-

Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House:-

7th Sky Entertainment

Review about Meher Posh:-

The episode begins with a scene where a family busy in wedding preparations. Mehru the beautiful yet lively girl seems to be her father’s apple of the eye. They are enjoying their time as a happy and loving family. Then we are introduced to another character Shah Jahan played by Danish Taimur who is obediently serving Mehru’s family just because he loves Mehru and wants to be see her all the time but he always used to hide his feelings and pose like he is doing all these favors just because of Master Sahab, father of Mehru.

Meher Posh as the title of the play says is all about hiding the love, concealing of one’s feelings for others. This is what Shah Jahan is exactly doing, he is concealing his feelings for Meher from her as well as his mother and Mehru’s family but he has committed a mistake he fails to conceal his interest for Mehru in front of his loafer friends who used to tease him everywhere by taking her name.

Then there is another character’s introduction, a woman who really wants to make Mehru her daughter in law but she is shocked and more than shock she is burning with jealousy when she comes to know that her sister in law has already asked her proposal and their wedding is fixed. This character is really a malicious one, she wants to make Mehru his son’s bride because he is a government officer and earns well. She is so vile that she even prays that the marriage doesn’t happen as she is unable to control her envious feelings to see her sister in law getting married.

Well, the malicious lady seems to belong to a lower middle class but her decorated house is suggesting that she belongs to a well to do family. Mehru’s fiance seems an idealist person who has set a certain standard for his life partner to be, and that is she should be pure, she should not have involved anywhere before. Well, it seems that his ideal is broken when he sees Shah Jahan helping Meher in shopping. The first thing comes in his mind is who is this boy?

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