Acting Course for Tv Drama and Films – Acting Class Lahore

Lahore Film School Provides Three month Acting Course for TV Drama and Film. We train acting Students who want to work in Drama. Here is course Detail, Outline and Fee structure.

To prepare young aspiring actor to familiar with basic Acting and Terms.

To groom and training Acting Students to perform an on camera and Show confident.  

Course Outline:


As against a dialogue, which takes place between two or more people, it is a text for an individual actor. It’s like a soliloquy.


An all encompassive exercise for emotional lumbering as against physical lumbering in a gym. It is an Actor’s laboratory where an Actor finds his emotional reach and range. It is the most important exercise for an Actor as it makes him go through different set of given circumstances meaning situations.


An exercise for an actor, to expand his range of imagination. Most essential because he’s always dealing with imaginary given circumstances and must believe in it himself for an audience to believe in it.

Action Problem

Is an exercise for improving one’s concentration, which is most important for an Actor as it allows him complete involvement while he is in the throes of emotional tangles.

Subjective Study

The object becomes the subject of study for the Actor.

Object like Bench in a park. Telephone Booth in a busy railway station or loud disturbance. Bus station. An old tree in a jungle. Ten rupee note etc.

The actor / student takes on one of the above objects and tries to feel their experiences of night and day over different senses and over so many years.

Sense Memory

To make the actor aware of all the senses and experience them afresh. Different exercises based on all the five senses are given to students. In brief all the exercises are geared towards making the actor act truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.

Scene Study

Is played between two student actors with given dialogues,to experience feelings and emotions through the given circumstances in the scene.

Voice Culture

Training in effective habits of the speaking voice.

Diction & Spot Monologue

Problems of oral interpretation. Removing of any coloration of accents in one’s speech from regional influences and for clear and chaste pronunciation.

Camera Marks

Camera marks are placed on the floor according to light positions and camera movement. The actor has to come to the mark without looking at it while still involved in the scene.

Dubbing Practice

Practise of Dubbing in a sound studio.


Various action exercises as per industry standard.

For general well being and better breathing.

Video Analysis and recording during course

After Monologue and Scenes are rehearsed in class they are then videogpaphed for acting analysis.


Using the body as a dynamic instrument, original dances by students based upon subjective feeling for the music assigned.

Voice Placement

Nature has placed our voice at a certain place on the palate. Due to lack of awareness we tend to use our voice with wrong placement. This exercise helps the student to correct that.

Developing Voice Resonance

Resonance imparts richness to a voice. This exercise helps in developing that.


To develop better concentration that is important for complete involvement in the scenes.


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