Types of Actors and Roles in TV Drama and Film – How to become an Actor in Pakistan

This is a brief Article to learn about different Types and Roles in TV Drama and Film Industry. The Lahore Film School is providing a comprehensive guideline to those who want to start their Acting Career, Those who want to work in TV Drama and Showbiz Industry. So if you have a question similar to “How to become an Actor in Pakistan” You must read and know about the acting types and role in this industry. 

Types of Actors 

There are four types of Actors you can recognize in a TV Drama.

  • Stars (Professionals Artist)– A very Popular actor who is often cast in Leading or Very Important Supporting Roles. They performer as Hero/Heroin or Villon or other very important role in a Drama or Film
  • Trained professionals – Most Actors fall in this category having years experience in Acting Field.
  • Non Professional performers (Junior Artist)– Amateur performers who “Look Right” for the part/role. Mostly they are used as “Talkie” Character for one, two more episodes as character continuity.
  • Extras – A face in the crowd – These are ordinary people, they do not need any acting. are are just used as crowd to fill the scene. off-screen or blur faces with no identity.
  • Mute Scene:

Lead Role (Senior Artist) Stars.

Second Lead (Senior Artist or Famous Celebrities or Debuted Talent)

Junior Artist Story Artist playing a Good Character like Judge, Police Man, Layer, Maid, Relative,

Scene continuity. Appears in two or more episodes.

Film Characters are littel bit different and more professionals like backgound dancers, Stunts man,

What is an Audition ? How to Pass Give a Successful Audition.

The First question we always hear from our Young Talent ? I wan to give an Audition sir? but i am against this question, as no body can give and exam without learing the subject, no body can a good actor without a proper training. So first of all you need to get proper acting training.

A film or TV Drama is a collaboration of hundred or thousands people working on a project under a production house or a Film Company.

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