Free Acting Workshop for students in Lahore


Workshop Duration: We will arrange one day workshop in different institutes of Lahore to aware our new young generation about the benefits of acting and media field. Also we offer acting course, duration is minimum four months for further improvement.

acting courses & free workshops in Lahore Film School
acting courses & free workshops in Lahore Film School

The workshop specifically focuses on helping students to discover the actor in them and provides them with a thorough foundation of acting skills with a specific focus in helping them understand the basic techniques involved in developing their acting skills. The workshop is conveniently designed to fit into their weekly schedule by committing the student to classes only one day workshop. This workshop is for everybody from professionals to students, serious actors and acting students. Those who can find time and want to learn the basics of stagecraft and acting workshop ideal for them.

It starts from the essentials of story-development, play-writing, design and direction and moves on to focus on the craft of acting. Apart from acting, the workshop offers a rich mix of theater activities and camera facing technique, readings, analysis, discussions, and performances.

During course you will get 100% placements.  Also provide Video show real  & Acting portfolio of your performance.


– Introduction about Acting: What is acting, how to act, Where to act, why we are acting etc.

– Acting techniques & method: Incorporates different world renowned techniques which help in understanding, analyzing and applying the craft of Acting.

– Body movements with face expression: creative body movements are prime exercises, which are conducted in the beginning of almost every acting class conducted by the faculty.

– Voice Culture Family: The voice is another tool of an actor. In voice classes, students get to understand the power of their voice and gain an insight of how to modify it by controlling various resonators and muscles. By doing different breathing exercises, the students learn voice modulation which helps them in understanding the nuances of diction and articulation.

– Diction and Speech Clarity: The students are taught the importance of clarity of speech – articulation as well as expressions. The students are made to analyses and study various monologues from plays and films, which later help them in dialogue delivery.

– Camera Facing Techniques: This aspect of training is a highly technical endeavor which deals with all the technical nuances of film acting, concerning the camera.

– Scene Studies and Script Analysis: These are intensive classroom exercises where various types of scenes, and the components within the scenes, are meticulously studied by observing the minute’s details of classic movies.

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