How to Become a Model in Pakistan

How to become a model in Pakistan:-

First of all join a modelling agency, groom yourself, build an athletic body with proper exercise, healthy eating and good rest, learn about the modelling profession and get your portfolio done from a good photographer.

Guideline for models:-

Following are some guidelines for you to become a successful model in Pakistan.

  1. Height:

Ladies: least 5’8″
Men: least 5’11”

  1. AGE:

In spite of the fact that age doesn’t make a difference much, I might want to day that couple of Pakistani ladies have begun as late as at 26 years old. But ideally : A young lady starting must be from 15 to 22 years of age. A man must be 18 to 25.

  1. WEIGHT:

A perfect model must be slim and well proportioned.  A thin wasted lady with long legs will dependably be more photogenic than one who is the same stature yet has a more drawn out middle and substantial legs. Concerning male models, they must be athletic and strong, however shouldn’t look like weight lifters. Once more, extent is the key component.


Agencies are looking for someone who is confident. A model must have the capacity to sell herself.

 Types of modelings:-

There are many types of modeling. Modeling is one of those unique professions that lends itself to applying your specific talents in many interesting ways.

Modeling Work Jobs in lahore Pakistan
Modeling Work Jobs in Lahore Pakistan

Below are the 10 main types of modeling

  1. Fashion (Editorial) Model

These models are the faces you see in high fashion magazines.Editorial models also usually work for top fashion designers. Most Editorial models are incredibly tall, slim, and usually are the ‘complete package.

  1. Runway Model

These models are found on the catwalk and are hired to showcase a designer’s clothing line. Due to the precise sizes of the designer’s clothing, runway models are often a certain height and size. If you are at least over 5’9 then this type of modeling could be for you.

  1. Swimsuit & Lingerie Model

These models specialize in showing off e

ither swimsuits or lingerie. This model type is usually someone a bit more voluptuous and curvy. These models also tend to model sleepwear, summer wear, and other forms of undergarments.

  1. Commercial Model

Commercial Models are not restricted by age, height, or size. Therefore, this modeling type is the most open to diverse and new talent. Commercial models advertise a wide range of products in catalogs, campaigns, and commercials.

  1. Fitness Model

These models tend to be the most fit, toned, and athletically built. This of course makes sense as these models are tasked with wearing fitness attire.Fitness models are also found in commercials that involve demonstrating fitness routines.

  1. Parts Model

Parts Models specialize in modeling their hands, arms, feet, and legs. A hand model can book a job involving jewelry, where as a foot model can book a job with a shoe company. Both can book a job involving nail and beauty care. As a whole, clients look for a parts model who has well-proportioned body parts that fit standard shoes and jewelry.

  1. Fit Model

A fit model is a model who works behind the scenes and helps fashion houses get the sizing and fit right before the garment is sent off to be manufactured. Fit models are a diverse group in terms of body shape since there’s a need for fit models to represent every size a garment comes in.

  1. Promotional Model

This type of model books jobs that help sell or promote a certain commodity. Promotional models are often found at trade shows and other live events. As a whole, these models must be personable, outgoing, and have a strong knowledge of the product they are representing.

  1. Glamour Model

Glamour modeling is centered on appearance, including facial beauty and body shape. These models are usually curvier than editorial models and often book swimsuit and lingerie photo shoots. Glamour models tend to pose more suggestively than typical editorial or commercial models.

  1. Print Model

Print models are often found in magazines, billboards, campaigns, booklets, flyers, and posters. These models usually have clear skin and a nice smile. While some of these models are selling a product, others are simply photographed based on the needs of the client.

Molding jobs in Lahore:-

Different clothing brands and also other brands are in Lahore who are looking for upcoming and new faces for the promotion and explore there dresses, shoes, jewelry, nail paints, and also other products.


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