Latest Hollywood Movie “Bad Boys for Life”


After 25 years of being together, ‘bad boys’ Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are at the crossroads of their exciting lives. But even as one of them wants out, the dramatic turn of events lead them to more deaths, destruction and startling revelations.


It’s the year 2020 and Marcus now wants to lead a peaceful family life away from all the violence. But his partner in crime Mike cannot let go so easily because this time, the horrors of his past have come to haunt him and it’s destroying the world around him. He must do what it takes to protect himself and exact revenge, but first, he needs to convince Marcus to get back into the game.

It’s a simple plot with many new additions in the cast. But the one who leaves a lasting impact is the film’s main villain Armando Aretas a strapping young leader of a Mexican drug cartel, whose lethal blows totally belie his baby-face good looks. Mexican American actress Kate del Castillo is also impressive as the ruthless widow Isabel Aretas, who literally calls the shots in this high octane action comedy. The new crack team called AMMO led by Kelly has more young blood and they inject the much needed freshness into the proceedings. However, it’s the film’s leading duo who take their perfect camaraderie a notch higher. They’re the strongest when together. Whether it is Will Smith’s towering persona and swashbuckling punches or Martin’s poker-faced humour, it works.
Directors Adil and Bilall pull out all stops to make it more exciting. The film’s narrative and execution remains loyal to the usual trappings of a testosterone led action entertainer with shocking developments that will often keep you on the edge. While the action and comedy elements like high speed chases and witty one liners work, the pace drops in parts. The film’s climax, however, is packed with more startling revelations and some finely executed action in the picturesque locations of Miami and Mexico.
In conclusion, this one carries forward the legacy of the bad boys franchise and the magic of its leading men ensure that third time’s a charm.

Three Bad Boys Movies:-

As it is, though, there are currently three Bad Boys movies, which means three films’ worth of explosions, Mike and Marcus banter, and much more.

Martin Lawrence get paid for Bad Boy:-

Martin Lawrence earned $6 million for ‘Bad Boys For Life’

But eventually, he signed on and got rewarded with a hefty paycheck. The 54-year-old actor earned $6 million for Bad Boys for Life, according to Variety.

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