Pakistan Film Industry vs India Film Industry

Pakistan Film Industry vs India Film Industry. Six film industries are operating in India. Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Canada, Bhojpuri, Marathi, and Revenue contribute 20% to the domestic economy. About 1,600 films are made annually, followed by Industry Business ($ 2.44 billion) according to wikipedia).

And Pakistan’s film industry, L0llywood is almost gone, Lahore was the hub of Lollywood, but now there is not a single big Film. There are barely 30 to 50 films made all over Pakistan (only 28 films (year 2019)).

Lahore Film School, what is it?

Hello, my name is Abdul Majid. I am the founder of Lahore Film School. My mission is to bring new talent to the Pakistan film industry. How a movie is made, which people work in different stages of the film production .

Lahore Film School Mission

at Lahore Film School, Our mission is to development Pakistan film industry. According toe Data Pakistan is the 7th largest country in the world with the highest number of young people. There should be opportunities for new generation in the film industry.

Our mission is to create an Open Source Training Institute where young people from all over Pakistan, especially Punjab and especially Lahore, come and take training. There are training sessions, courses, workshops, free and Paid Courses at Lahore Film School

Pakistan Film industry vs Indian Film Industry Lahore Film School
Pakistan Film industry vs Indian Film Industry – Lahore Film School

How Pakistani Film Industry will Grow ?

We will have to open many such training schools and new production houses all over Pakistan. These is need to produce short courses in film production, and give the younger generation an opportunity to become an actor, director, filmmaker, editor, producer, writer, songwriter. Therefore, new talent should be brought in every field of film and drama production. Come and join us.

Do you have anything, suggestions or idea to share with us about Pakistan Film Industry vs India film Industry?

Problems and obstacles to film Industry.

The obstacle to our mission is just hypocrisy. Talent is countless in our country, we watch movies from other countries with enthusiasm, filled with our mobile songs and movies,
But there are obstacles, so don’t just let your people work. Please, refrain from this hypocrisy policy, the movie industry is the largest source of entertainment in the world.

Now films are starting to be made in Saudi Arabia also. Open your mind, if the film and the song is permissible for you to watch, then it is also permissible to make it (this is my personal opinion).

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Lahore Film School Address and Contact Detail.

Lahore Film School Address:
1023 Plaza, Nizam Block, 2nd Floor, Opposite Gulshan Iqbal Park Gate 1, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
Contact Call & Whatsapp: 03132227515

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