Practical Cinematography Video Course for Filmmakers

This Course is especially designed for students who wants to make their career as Cinematographer in Films, TV or Commercials. This courses is exclusively available at LahoreFilmSchool and complied by Director Abdul Majid of Kawish Production.

Different Between Cameraman vs DOP (Director of Photography) vs Cinematography

Cameraman: Anyone with any device having the ability to capture and recorded can be called as cameraman. A man having a camera, either it is a Mobile camera, Video Camera, DSLR or Professional Film Camera.

Role of a DOP (Director of Photography) A DOP or Director of Photography is more professional person having the vast knowledge of camera, lights and other technical aspects related to frame. He always focuses on creating best results on the instructions of directors and scene demands. DOP also head the lighting crew working with him. He is responsible to make artistic and technical decisions to capture the best frame.

Can a director be a cinematographer?

While commercials and music videos often combine the director and cinematographer roles into one position, feature films almost always have a separate director of photography. This division of labor allows the filmmaker to focus on performance while the DP handles the technical aspects of shooting.

Responsibility of a Cinematographer.

Cinematographer or DOP is the responsible to realize the vision of a director by making technical and artistic decisions in regards to lens choice, exposure, Best lighting techniques, making best composition, Using right filters, camera movement and equipment, color-grading to achieve a specific look.

Step by Step Guide – How to become become a cinematographer?s

Cinematographer’s are essential part of any Film, Drama, Commercial or video production company. Students who wants to make their career as cinematographer can take these steps to start.

First step to start cinematography, buy our especially designed video course, the course will be sent to your home address after payment received. You can request the course in DVD or in memory Card. DVD is the best option if you have a computer or laptop. Mobile Memory card available to watch course videos in your Mobile Phone anytime anywhere.

Cinematography Video Course Price is 10,000/-

Cinematography course Outline:

Course requirements: Any Camera Mobile, DSLR, Video Professional Camera.

  1. Basic Principles of a Camera
  2. Learning the Lights, light colour, shades and Lighting Techniques
  3. Understanding the Aspect Ratio
  4. Understating the Camera lenses
  5. Different Types of Camera’s
  6. Types of Shoots and Camera Angles
  7. Drama and Filmmaking process.
  8. To get a strong position, you need to Learn more and more about your Job. you need to know exactly where your job ends and where someone else’s begins.

Cinematography course benefits and Job Opportunities

As we discussed in the Article, this is the time to change or leave your boring Job. Do this course and become a Cinematographer as Cinematographer’s are essential part of any Film, Drama, Commercial or video production company. So there are countless benefits and Jobs opportunities:

  1. You will soon get a chance to work with Actors Actress, TV and Film Sets.
  2. You can earn a good income as cinematographers are top ranked at film set.
  3. Further chances to become a Drama, or Film Director.

How and where to Find Work as cinematographer In Production House or Pakistani Film Industry ?

  1. Prove your self by shooting / recording high quality cinematic videos.
  2. Make your own Vlogs for YouTube, Shoot Wedding Videos, Friends Happy Birthday.
  3. Make a CV and Social Accounts – Clearly Mention your Work as Cinematographer.

How to Get this course: This course is available for anyone, School, College, University Students male and female can get this course to start learning from today. Use your Mobile camera to become a cinematographer. Students from Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Quetta or any city can buy this course to start making cinematic videos.

What is the different between a Cinematographer and a Director ?

Students may ask the question “What is the different between a Cinematographer and a Director ? the answer is: on the Film or Tv Drama or Commercial or Music Video Production Set, there are several person working on it, everyone has its own role and working experience. A DP or DOP (Director of Photography) which is also called Cinematographer is the Main Head or Chief of Camera and Lighting departments and their main goal is to achieve artistic look of the image. They are expert in their own filed.

whereas A Film or Drama Director is captain of the ship, responsible for all works going on a film set. His role is to handle and work with actors, writer(s), makeup team, costume / wardrobe, producers and other production aspects.

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Coming soon, Cinematography Workshop at Kawish Production

We are arranging a one day workshop for students who wants to star their career. Our gust and leacturer Mr. Muhammad Imran sir. Working as DOP has a credit of Pakistani Films like Sherdil and TV Drama. soon we will announce the date.

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